Executive Coaches

Each coach is a Certified Vertex expert with over 20 years of executive leadership experience.

Proven System

Proven systematic approach utilizing industry tools, coaching methods, strategies and measurable outcomes.

Measured Success

Measurable success through strategic mentorship and guidance during weekly 1-to-1 or group sessions.

Business Optimization

Our Vertex Accelerator System is designed to optimize your returns while establishing short & long-term performance outcomes.

Welcome to the Vertex Business Group

Who is the Vertex Business Group? How are you able to help me "accelerate" professional and personal growth?

The Vertex Business Group consist of entrepreneurs, military veterans, finance, personnel, executive leaders, professional athletes, sales/marketing, government specialist,business analyst, certified coaches and training experts. 

Our team has over 4 decades of successful business leadership experience and knowledge building over $200M in opportunities around the globe.  

We’ve dedicated the last 8 years to building an easy to learn and implement “ecosystem” that utilizes proven strategies, framework and face-to-face mentorship to help executives and small business communities accelerate their growth. We’ve been able to customize our Vertex Systems to meet our clients specific challenges and prepare each individual/business team for success beyond the coaching engagement. We deliver accelerated programs for both personal and professional growth and predictable outcomes that are results driven.

Who is the Vertex Business Group?

Click the video to hear more about the Vertex Business Group. A few of the partner businesses include; APSi, Extreme Data Tech, The Shipman Group, Living Waters Inc., Minter Consulting and more around the U.S.

What we are good at

Coaching & Consulting Services

Business Development

We help our client capture new business, target better clients, receive contract opportunities and increase overall revenues through direct or indirect solutions within our Sales Acceleration System.

Businesss Coaching

Provide proven coaching strategies through the Vertex Business Programs that are backed by over 30 years of success leading, building and managing companies that generated over $200M in revenues.

Branding & Strategy

Provide strategic planning, activities and action steps to increase your brand authority, business positioning, personal/career growth, product or service packaging and customer engagement.

Digital Marketing

Our team will dive into your marketing strategies and help you implement innovative activities in SEO, Website Optimization, Digitial Marketing, Lead Generation, Videos and more.

Business Optimization

We'll help you eliminate wasteful or failing processes, identify productive actions to track, and build scorecards around your needs to help you manage each element in your ecosystem.

Diversity Solutions

Help both Large Clients and Small Suppliers with Diversity Program Management Solutions. Our focus is to connect small businesses with commercial and government opportunities. Assist with diversity on boarding, certification, capture management, project compliance, acquisition, reporting and program management.

High level of competence

Our experience will help you transform your business and create sustainable growth that you can measure and repeat over time.

The Vertex Team are Award-Winning coaches with decades of experience working with small to large businesses, executives and professionals who are committed to growth and performance excellence.

Coaching & Consulting
50 years
Business Development/Sales
30 years
Training/Workforce Dev.
30 years
Revenue Generated
Over $200M

Need help transforming your business?

Get in touch with us! We are looking forward to taking the journey toward success with you.

Meet Our Top Cadre

Behind every thriving business is a team of motivated and experienced coaches!

The Vertex team of coaches is led by successful entrepreneurs and leaders who are dedicated leaders that will take the journey to success with you and your team. These innovative strategist are trained to coach your business utilizing our proven framework that will get you holistic results that translate to long-term growth.

Scott A. Coulter

Coach: Operations/Process Improvement/Digital Marketing

Jim Geter

Coach: Government Contracting/Capture Management

Anthony Shipman

Coach: Business Development/Marketing/Sales

Mike Minter

Coach: Leadership/Team Building/Growth Expert

Reginald Walker

Coach: Personnel/Talent Acquisition

Lawrence Barker-Bey

Advisor: Health Wellness



We have over 15 certified coaches in our network. Each Vertex Coach has a minimum of 20 years of experience and a successful track record coaching, managing, training and working closely with entrepreneurs and management teams from around the world.


Sustainable & predictable results

Our Vertex Programs use proven framework and strategies that are customized to each business need. These programs were designed to easily help small business teams comprehend, implement and manage. Our programs focus on scalable performance-driven outcomes that are predictable and repeatable.


100% Performance Driven

Every Vertex Program is driven by performance. Each element within the ecosystem is centered around key results areas. Our coaches are experts in identifying gaps or blind spots in your KRA’s and incorporating new performance action steps that get results. We are here to help you succeed and this will take discipline and accountability to get you there.


30+ Years in consulting business

Many of our coaches come from the consulting industry. We’ve worked with a variety of personality types, industries, and various sized teams. Our customers benefit from having professionals who can help them eliminate common pitfalls most small business have—as well as guide them through the maturity model faster with greater results.

How We Communicate

Good communication is our priority!

Scheduled Meetings

Our clients are required to have scheduled meetings with his/her assigned coach. These range from face to face, online or conference call.

Coaching Portal

Many of the Vertex Program Assignments are distributed through our Coaching Portal. This secure network provides a centralized location for coaches and clients to upload documents and exchange information to keep the process seamless.

24/7 Online support

Even though our coaches are not in front of their clients, we offer email support to help assist with real time challenges they may face while implementing transformative change.

Vertex Business Accelerator

The Vertex Business Accelerator is the Flagship Program designed to help small businesses, entrepreneurs and the entire organization implement a systematic approach to generating predictable and sustainable growth.

This “ecosystem” approach:  

  • Reduces wasteful activities
  • Helps monitor daily activities
  • Provides structure and strategic guidance for stakeholders
  • Delivers proven strategies that get results
  • Connects daily activities to 7 core elements in the ecosystem
  • Gives a success model to businesses to use for decades
  • Improves sales, marketing, management and outcomes for the entire business
  • Easy to learn and implement in any business

The secret to sustainability is in the framework. Stop trying to figure things out on your own and start doing the things industry leaders are using to dominate the market!

Strategic Planning is the core to building the right strategies around the individual elements in the “ecosystem”. Our systems begin with the leadership establishing the perfect strategy based on its business, personnel, model, industry, internal/external customers and execution based on key results areas and performance indicators for every daily activity.

In our programs, we help you build an ecosystem that comprise of “elements” that are all connected to key result areas. Each KRA will establish a list of critical performance indicators that translate to daily activities. Every daily activity will be assigned to responsible personnel and managed to evaluate successful outcomes. Having an ecosystem will eliminate waste and improve your ability to increase activities that are winning and terminate all action steps that do not lead to positive outcomes. The ecosystem allows all leadership teams the ability to make real time decision instead of waiting until the last minute to make adjustments.

When you use the Vertex Systems, your team is immediately launched into a series of engagement tasks. These tasks include learning how to engage your products/services, prospective customers, current customers, internal team members, your processes and its outcomes. When you engage your entire business in a strategic format, the business will provide you feedback that links each element to measurable data. This data allows the leadership team the ability to make adjustments or improvements in the “right” areas. When you can narrow down what needs improvements quickly-you can pivot without interrupting your “ecosystem”.

For a small business, execution is the second most important activity in the journey to business maturity. Creating a culture of performance execution is second only to having the right strategies. Executing the wrong strategies only increase your likelihood of failing to grow the business. In our system, we help business leadership establish the proper strategies and then focus on how the business executes them daily. You’ll discover how to place the daily action steps in the right sequence and monitory or measure the outcomes from the execution activity. This is real time feedback that can catapult your business from survival to thriving no matter the market circumstances.

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Once you’ve had your call, you’ll need to select the program that best fits you and/or your business needs. Our programs range from Individual, Business, Group or Sales based acceleration systems. It’s important that you understand that we only select clients that are motivated and committed to success and our success is directly tied to yours.

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How to get started?

Watch the video and learn what to expect when working with the Vertex Business Group. Our team of experts all have a minimum of 20 years working with a variety of leaders, industries, and challenges. It’s important for you to be prepared for the engagement and committed to performance excellence. Click the link below to schedule your FREE Strategy Session today!

What is the difference between coaching and consulting?

Coaching is about transforming the business from the leadership down. Consulting is utilizing the expertise of outside sources to achieve set goals or milestones. The Vertex Team offers both coaching and consulting to its clients based on the needs and best fit to achieve the established outcomes.

How do I know I need a coach?

You need a coach if you want help organizing your business, creating strategic plans using proven framework that get results. You also need a coach helping prioritize proper activities and establishing a performance based business that drives predictable and sustainable growth. You may also need a coach to help you transform the business from the inside out and generate new revenues to help with sustainability throughout the maturity model.

Do you service a specific area or industry?

We are located in the Carolina Market but service clients throughout the U.S. Our vast network of partners, coaches and experts provide each client access to business opportunities around the world. Many of our clients achieve new contract opportunities with enterprise level businesses seeking qualified small businesses to fulfill products and services throughout the country.

What is the typical client for the Vertex Group?

Clients in the Vertex Group Program are small businesses who are motivated to achieve successful change in the company. These are businesses that range from owner/operator to organizations with multiple locations. Our goal is get a clear understanding of the business objectives and provide a systematic approach to meet those goals. The best partnerships are with leaders who are ready to take the next step in their business journey to financial freedom.

Do you provide individual coaching services?

Yes, we also work with executive teams, sales teams, entrepreneurs, and management groups. We provide several Vertex Programs that range from professional to community wide groups. When you schedule your strategy session, we will discuss the best program for your individual or business needs.

What type of return should I expect in your program?

Many of our clients achieve 15%-30% growth within the first 6 to 8 months. Others find their goals obtainable within the first few sessions. There is no time table set to achieve business success since each business is different. During our first assessment, your Vertex Coach will be able to share with you the gaps and together you can establish short-term and long-term goals. However, each client who is committed to success can expect growth and transformation within the first 30 days.

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