Developed Training Programs

Developed training programs for unemployed, under-employed and transitioning veterans.

Career Coaching

Provided career coaching and placement services for graduates.

Technical Instruction

Partnered with globally recognized associations to offer high tech certifications and credentials for students who were able to complete the course and pass the examination.

Job Assessments

Was able to partner with major employers and asses the opportunities and develop training that offered jobs to graduates and closed the skills gap with personnel introduced by our team.


Provide program management, workforce development and career coaching solutions as part of a government initative to improve employment opportunities in high technology markets.  Our team was able to capture market data and convert the findings into an award-winning program delivering globally recognized credentials in telecommunications to graduates.

Each coach and instructor assigned to the project was able to deliver various life, career and entrepreneurial services while working closely with regional employers eager to employ them upon graduation.  This strategy promoted leadership amongst the participants and collaboration between multiple agencies involved in the community. The impact of the program resulted in receiving Business Leader Magazine, Leader of the Year Award.

Workforce Development
Business Development


Our entire team was greatful for the opportunity to work with youth and adults transitioning into entrepreneurship, new jobs, and even new career during the height of a recession.  This project was part of a national effort to get skilled professionals back to work with an emphasis on high technology.  Each of our team members were able to utlize technical, coaching and facilitation skills as we traveled the US presenting the program and providing participants Power Skills and Hard Skills credentials needed for employment in a compeitive market.

Other roles included:

  • Developing world class curriculum
  • Building training schedules for various organizations
  • Marketing
  • Coaching employers and participants
  • Leadership development
  • Business & Market Analysis
  • Facilitating Strategic Planning Sessions