Business Coaching

Tailored services for individual entrepreneurs to learn critical business skills and quickly get your company on track for success, scalability, or sustainability.

Career Coaching

Build a strategic career plan that includes SMART Goals, training map, and porfessional breakdown of action steps withing a timeline that gets results.

Individual Leadership Coaching

Work with individual entrepreneurs or leaders looking to develop the right mindset, decision making, time management, and critical leadership skills needed to build a successful company or manage teams to success.

Staff Development

Coaching for professionals aspiring to obtain management roles or managers seeking skill development mentorship.


Scheduled meetings with a Vertex Coach to assess your knowledge, skills and abilities and implement proven strategies to move your initiatives forward to receive maximum results.  Oversee the individual action plan with a focus on continuous improvement and eliminating wasteful activities that hinder progress.  With our one to one coaching solutions, clients will receive a clearly defined plan that includes mindset transformation, dicipline and SMART Goals that emphais performance results.

Our customized approach to coaching, along with combined 30 years of experience, provides each individual the necessary attention and mentorship needed to fulfill professional and personal goals.  Together, your assigned coach will embark upon a journey to dominating the business and life.

Regular Meetings
Proprietary Tools for Success
Easy to follow action plans
Psychometric Assessments


Our coaching system develops maximum potential for individuals to grow professionally and personally.  We improve performance dramatically and position each client to succeed while establishing productive habits along the way.  Clients accomplish these task through leadership development skills, setting SMART goals, utilizing lean philosophies, learning how to make strategic decisions, and creating a culture of performance excellence.

Outside of individual focus, other measurable outcomes include:

  • SMART Goal Process
  • Decision Making
  • Leadership Skill Development
  • Relationship & Team Building
  • Communication Skills
  • Empowerment, Motivation, Dicipline
  • Balance (work and life) and more…