Welcome to your Vertex General Business Assessment

This particular Assessment is designed to provide entrepreneurs a platform to receive valuable information on:

  • How well you understand your business and its needs
  • Business position in the market
  • Leadership, workforce, infrastructure & sales
  • Current social media and marketing needs 
  • Information of key operational elements that dictate a business success or failures.  

This amazing tool is part of our Vertex Business Accelerator Program.  Clients who take this introduction assessment receive data that directs their attention to problem areas within the organization.

Every entrepreneur must take time to step back and evaluate where you are and how you're going to achieve your goals.  Throughout the entire Business Maturity Model, you'll be faced with with challenges that can positively or negatively change the direction of your company.   Having a strong understanding of the business is how successful business owners always seem to pivot when the economy changes.  Knowing what move to make is just as important as knowing when to make the move.  Establishing proper framework (systematic approach) and having this knowledge can eliminate 60% or more of the desperate decisions made by entrepreneurs who have found themselves struggling to survive.



Our goal is to persuade entrepreneurs to spend more time evaluating their business using assessment tools and surveys.  The hope is that you will be encouraged to implement this activity and motivate your team to become part of the process.



This survey consist of a number of strategic questions that you can rate in relation to your current business position.  The survey is divided into key elements that are part of our Vertex Businss Accelerator program. Each question (Element) comes from proven business models utilized by the top businesses around the world.  Models such as TQM, Business Analysis, Malcom Baldrige, Lean & 6 Sigma tools and others. Each group of questions reflect the core compartments of any successful business.  Read each question and answer as honest as you possibly can.  Try to use your immediate response and capture all of your thoughts on a separate paper which will be helpful for establishing a game plan to corrective actions.

Once you've completed the survey, go back to your notes and respond to the questions you identified during the survey.  You want to look for the following items:

  • Things that need to be addressed right now.
  • Areas of concern that may need outside assistance.
  • Self Awareness areas. (How you can get better as a leader)
  • What can be addressed in 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 12 months.
  • Identify budget needs if action requires investment.
  • Personnel or workforce needs.
  • Which data or KPI's need to be tracked more frequently moving forward.
  • Other actors (or participants) required to implement change.
  • Decide on your own commitment level to make sure any change items are carried through.

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Now is the time to do some soul searching.  Ask yourself if you still enjoy being an entrepreneur? You have to be honest with yourself.  Being an entrepreneur has great benefits if you're building the right business.  However, it can also have negative outcomes such as health, financial implications, and personal family strain if you have any doubts about your intentions.

Of course, winning is never instant and never is success building a business.  Therefore, you'll do yourself a favor by focusing on improving your business every single day.  You can't improve something that you can't identify and this is why we want you to take this time to find out where you are and what needs to be changed.

Next you want to add an evaluation date on your calendar.  You want to review your business as often as needed.  Some evaluate once a quarter, others bi-annually, and of course, you have those who do it once a year. There's no set time table that fits every business but if you're having problems in some key elements, it may be best to evaluate monthly.  Its up to you and your situation to dictate that schedule.  Just give yourself time for the change items to actually work before giving up on the results.



  • First thing to do is try and not over analyze the survey.  The questions were developed to be very specific and clear. You either are performing certain activities or you're not.  If you don't know, you're probably aren't performing the task or could be performing the task incorrectly.
  • Don't be afraid to jot down any other questions that may come from the survey.  Meaning, our survey question may help spark an idea of another question regarding your business that should be addressed.
  • Run your questions and results by your partners, stakeholders, or team members that might have a different perspective than you.  This is always good for self improvement, growth or business development plans.
  • Don't go overboard with changes.  Even our Master Business Coaches only focus on 2 or 3 items at a time during an engagement.  You don't want to overwhelm yourself because the survey may suggest change in 5 different areas.  Choose the most immediate needs first.  Focus on them until they are corrected and then move to the next.
  • Be prepared to go to work.  The easiest thing to do is push this tool to the side and keep doing things the way you've always done them.  Success comes from discipline and hard work.  Be prepared to go the distance and muster up the discipline, especially if you decide to go at it on your own without the help of a coach.

Remember, this is an introductory assessment tool.  If you're truly committed to getting your business on track to amazing growth, schedule a FREE Strategy Call with our team.  Bring your results with you and we'll take our time together and attack one or two of these items with you.

Good luck and we hope to hear from you soon.


Coach Scott A. Coulter, CLC/CVBC/LSSYB/MTi

Co-Founder, Vertex Business Solutions 



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Leadership Element


Are you happy with the current performance of your business?
Do you have detailed goals established for your business?
Would you say your business has a well defined and executed game plan for success?
Are you considered a strong business leader?
Are you leading your business with technical expertise or through your business background?
Do you empower the people around you to perform above their skill set?
As the leader of your business, are you managing the entire company?
Does your entire business (and team members) understand and are in alignment of the mission, vision and values of the company?
Do you provide your team a platform to be creative or innovative?
Is your strategic plan clearly defined with focus areas, core products/services, and measurable action steps for success.

Marketing & Sales Category

Do you have a clearly defined marketing plan?
Are you currently tracking your marketing activities i.e. sales, customer acquisition cost, customer engagement, calls, meetings, etc?
Are you measuring your marketing, sales, and promotional efforts regularly? (weekly, monthly, quarterly)
Would you say your marketing and sales efforts are generating consistent projected leads, new clients, and new opportunities?
Do you have a strong "Brand" or a unique position in your market?
Can your entire business team clearly describe your products and/or services? (Are your product or services clear to everyone)
Would you describe your sales efforts as "performance driven" activities?
Do you have performance based reward systems in place for your sales team efforts?
Are you tracking the daily activities, goals, or efforts of the sales and marketing efforts?
Are you happy with the business sales and marketing outcomes?

Social Media & Customers

Are you utilizing social media platforms to increase branding, sales, and customer engagements?
Are you attracting the right clients through your social media and marketing activities?
Are you generating qualified leads?
Do you have measurable goals for utilizing social platforms?
Is your website optimized to attract, capture, and engage customers seeking your services?
Does your business have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube Channel or any other platform to distribute information on your products or services?
Are you using paid advertisements to build leads and new customers?
Can you ideal customer easily find you on the internet?
Would your current customers say that you offer good content that's valuable to their business through your social media channels?
Are you tracking the cost of acquiring customers from your social media platforms?

Finance Category

Are you achieving your financial goals for the company?
Would you say your revenues have grown consistently over the past three years?
Are you Cash Flow "Positive" or Cash Flow "Negative"?
Do you reinvest in the growth of your business as you generate revenue?
Does your business debt exceed more than 50% of the revenues you generate?
Are you tracking your expenses, operational cost, revenues, and payroll with your leadership team each month?
Do you have an exit plan or exit strategy in place?
Does your company have a designated Accountant, CFO, or a finance professional ensuring accurate reports are presented, tax information submitted, and providing you with valuable input on the financial status of the business?
Do you have proper insurance to protect your business from financial charge backs or incidents that may occur that would impact your cash flow or reserves?
After paying all expenses, payroll and debt, is your business able to pay you a salary?

Workforce & Talent Category

Are you confident in knowing your team, employees and contractors strengths and weaknesses?
Are you a leader who will make swift personnel decisions for your business such as reprimanding or terminating employees for lack of production or poor work?
Are you attracting and hiring quality talent for the business?
Do you have a consistent evaluation process for your business team?
Does your business have an on boarding or orientation for new hires?
Do establish clearly defined roles and responsibilities for each employee and does that plan include progression and financial reward action steps? (Must have both to answer Yes)
Is personal development practice for all personnel in your business?
Do you allow your team to be creative, innovative and provide input on decisions for the business?
Do you conduct regular events to motivate your employees (team)?
Do you lead your team by example by participating in business activities, helping employees get better, and making corrections when needed?

Operation & Organizational 

Do you have documented strategies, goals, and objectives for the entire business?
Do you use a business model, framework, or system to run and sustain your business growth?
Does everyone in the business clearly understand how the operational activities impact the business goals and profits?
Do you have processes and systems in place to measure and monitor the activities associated with your product/services and revenues?
Are your products/services clearly defined with potential customers, employees, and partners?
Does your business utilize Key Performance Indicators (KPI's), Dashboards, Scorecards, or Automated tools to track business activities?
Does all of the employees have the same understanding of the business direction, vision, and mission?
Do you have a documented Business Plan that you review and adjust each year?
Are you happy with how your business is structured?
Are you a performance-based or results driven organization?