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We are a group of executives and entrepreneurs providing customized performance based business solutions to commercial and government organizations worldwide.  Our team delivers results-based coaching and training solutions to clients seeking a systematic approach to performance improvement.  We simplify complex business methodologies and framework so the organization can align the business objectives with repeatable and sustainable results beyond the engagement.

The Vertex Business Accelerator is our results-driven system that guarantees improvement in seven core elements within a business ecosystem.  Using our toolbox of proven activities, the Certified Vertex Coach will lead your team on a journey to improved revenues, processes, workforce, accurate data capture, and facilitating strategic sessions using realtime feedback for adjustments.  In other words, the Vertex Business System is a holistic approach to building you into a better leader, business owner, and competitor in your market space.

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 We are a group of entrepreneurs who decided to build business solutions that would help a small business, as well as large enterprises.  Our passion is “people”.  As your business coach, we’ll walk through each Vertex Element identifying gaps in the business, while helping you facilitate action steps for improvement.  We take the guess work out of your decision making process and introduce best practice tools that are proven and yield results for those who are committed to excellence.

Systematic Approach

Introduction of globally recognized business models and tools to help you learn how to manage your business and build a culture of winning!

Modern Technologies

Incorporate software that will track your business goals and allow your leadership team to review realtime feedback and make adjustments without comprimising production.

Training Solutions

Develop your leaders to communicate the message, align the business objectives with the business groups, and build a “Kaizen Mindset” to focus on continuous improvement.

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Leadership Development

Leadership development expands the capacity of individuals to perform in leadership roles within organizations.

Business Coaching

Intensive coaching solution that focuses on both the individual and entire business performance success.

Workforce Development

Academic approach to individual, economic development focusing on the “people” instead of the organization.

Talent Acquisition

The process of identifying and acquiring skilled human labor for organizational needs and to meet the human capital requirement for the business culture.

Career Coaching

Provide mentorship or career coaching advice on career training, planning or growth utilizing tips, techniques and action steps that solve professional challenges for individuals.

Sales Training

Step by step process to improve sales challenges such as; skill development, marketing strategies, social media, pipeline development, customer acquisition and customer service.


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Head Coach, Founder

Coach Scott is an award winning entrepreneur, military veteran, and author who loves impacting lives by sharing innovative ways to achieve “measurable” success in business and life.  Scott offers over twenty years of experience working with people and helping them realize their dreams and dominate the future.  He’s lead startup companies to multi-million dollar enterprises and developed talent around the world.

Scott believes your MINDSET directly contributes toward your outcomes and everyone is designed to win. His slogan, “Dominate The Day” is how he lives and he’s eager to share innovative ways for others to experience the joyful aspects of life as it was intended for us all to have.

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Head Coaches


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Every engagement begins with a FREE Strategy Session and then Assessment of the project scope and outcomes.

Strategic Planning

We then move toward strategic planning to identify objectives and align the strategic plan with activities for success.

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Establish Approach

Identify Contributors, meet with Stakeholders and Staff to develop the appropriate steps and tools needed to maximize the outcomes according to the SMART Goals.


Putting the actions plans in motion. Coaching each client through the process of executing the game plan for performance excellence.


Measure, evaluate, and manage the realtime feedback. Focus on the value stream of failing activities, eliminate waste, and make improvements based on the organizational goals.



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